Vehicle Control Panel


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Enhancing personal portfolio


The control panel is where drivers and their passengers can really connect with the vehicle and interact with all it’s features. The main UI for the front control panel needs to be as attractive and functional as possible.


Who can participate

This problem is meant for your personal development any student can participate, NexWave has designed this problem to help you start your online portfolio which recruiters will have access to! They will be able to see the problem and your solutions, allowing them to gain a better understanding of your skills.


Challenge Description 


You are an intern at a start up which has been contracted to modify the interior of a new vehicle. As the intern your manager wants you to develop your design skills and have an impact on this project. You have been assigned the task of creating a new UI prototype for the front control panel.

1. You have been tasked to design the home screen display with all
2. Design the icons for the apps along with, the UI for one of any of the apps on the on the home screen (ex. Music app)


  1. The front panel is 15”, you can assume the actual display to has a 1” bezel giving you 14” of screen to work with

  2. You must include an app icon for music, GPS, settings, and Bluetooth

  3. You must be able to show the temperature, speed, and audio playing on the display

  4. Assume all technology has been developed for this product

  5. Must have clear indication as to what each apps function is (ex. Name under Icon)

  6. Must show at least one transition from home screen to created app



Submission Requirements 

  1. A file which outlines the new user interface you have designed, why you picked certain design elements and what each app does. This can be in any for you choose

  2. The actual user interface file in the form of a PDF with any accompanying files which you think will help see the UI better

  3. Recommendation: Try to use the new adobe program Adobe XD, has many great features and is used in industry regularly for prototyping and it’s free!



This problem is meant for you to enhance your personal portfolio. Solving this problem and possibly winning the challenge will allow you as an individual to stand out from the rest, showing that you are always looking to work on yourself, learning, and improving your technical skills.

We encourage you to tackle this problem and add it to your portfolio.


About NexWave


Nexwave is an online hiring platform for students. Instead of submitting a resume, students complete design challenges associated with job postings, growing their skills simultaneously. In this manner, companies get a more accurate picture of an applicant’s capabilities and students build their portfolio which can be used to apply to other jobs in the future.


Nexwave is a challenge-based hiring platform, where we connect students with challenges sourced from real world companies.