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Nathan Hill

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University of Waterloo, 3rd Year Mechatronics Engineering 

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CSA Student Challenge

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#2 of 36 Applicants


Placed Top 5 in 2 Challenges

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How it Works


Post a challenge from a template or start one from scratch


Your challenge will be shared with students and educators across Canada


Use students solutions to get insight into their on-job performance


Offer Interviews thought the platform 

Step 1

Select the skills you are looking for in your next intern; choose a recommended challenge to pose to students or create a custom challenge from scratch. Finally, choose how you would like to receive the solution (video, PDF, CAD file etc.) 

Power of Challenge Based Hiring 

Improving the match between employer and prospective employee

What if we could turn job postings into authentic learning challenges that increase access and opportunity? Give rich and authentic learning experiences that lead to current or future employment. Provide an opportunity for anyone to show their skills (or develop them along the way) and readiness while, improving the match between employer and prospective employee! The Challenge Based Hiring Platform is designed to do just that.

A More Engaged Talent Pool

Better Candidate Insights 

Promote your Brand with Students 

Save Time and Money

Better Candidate Insights 

Gauge how students understand and interpret a problem, gain a better understanding of their problem solving ability and communication skills. This provides insights of a student's ability to perform the job which, traditional based hiring methods just couldn't. Let their solutions speak for themselves, instead of trying to decode their resume.

Save Time and Money

All you need to do is choose the skills you are looking for in your next intern and we will do the rest. We will pair up an appropriate challenge to your industry, job description, and promote your company to highly engaged students.
A unique algorithm will select the top candidates to streamline your selection process
further, saving you time and money!

A More Engaged Talent Pool

With the inherent benefit of CBH, the application process is an opportunity for students to learn and grow their portfolio within the hiring process. This makes the time spent in the application process more valuable for students in comparison to resume based hiring, making them more engaged with your company. 

Promote Your Brand with Students 

Get students to learn about your company while they tackle your custom challenges. We have an extensive connection with schools and co op offices that we can leverage to get your challenges seen.

Post your First Job Challenge 

Why NexWave

Posting a Challenge 

  • Help create a custom challenge based on the skills you are looking for

  • Or choose from our repository of  challenges from over 20 industries, designed evaluate different skills 

When a Challenge is Live 

  • We will promote to the large network of universities

  • Engage with student groups

  • Partner with professor to add challenges to for course credit

Selecting the Right Candidate 

  • We will prevet the candidates solutions 

  • provide a list of the top 5 solutions for you to interview

Looking to hire an intern or a new graduate?

Post a job free job challenge and judge the difference yourself. 
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Nexwave is a challenge-based hiring platform, where we connect students with challenges sourced from real world companies.